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Simply Radiant Solutions LLC is a professional coaching & consulting firm designed to provide support and resources ranging from personal growth to organizational transformation. We do so by helping clients improve their image, identify their strengths, opportunities, & achieve their goals. Our outcomes driven solutions can help brand clients for the next step in their professional journey. We provide resources at every level. Some of our services include:

  • Image Consulting: Professional / Personal 

  • Resume tips and Interviewing skills

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee Engagement

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion




Radiance Carter, Founder

  • CEO, Simply Radiant Solutions LLC 

  • 20+ years experience Staff Development, Training, & Instructional Design (technology & soft skills)

  • 10 years of Leadership Coaching and Development

  • 8 years of Supervisory & Management Experience

  • Green Belt Certified

  • Masters in Human Behavior and Business Management

  • Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

  • Top 3% of Leaders for Employee Engagement 

  • 99% Leader Score rated by staff

  • 3% turnover rate


While in undergrad, Radiance had an opportunity to summer intern with then, Andersen Consulting and eventually being awarded as one of two students with the highest GPA in Business Information Systems. Although she excelled in technology, she wanted a career that would allow her to interface more with people versus building databases and systems design. She was offered an opportunity to start her professional career as a Reporter/Producer for a small local government television show in Atlanta. Through this experience she learned how to effectively communicate and write in a succinct and concise manner. As she began to grow professionally, she had a chance to use both her communication and technical skills to become a Healthcare Electronic Medical Records Trainer. 

Radiance’s skills lead her to a Human Resource/Organizational Development position within a large healthcare system where she would facilitate new hire orientation; deliver & design staff development courses. After several years, she was offered an opportunity to become a Patient Experience Coach.  During this time she gained extensive experience in:

  • Training and Development 

  • Leadership

  • Coaching

  • Teamwork

  • Customer Service

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Consulting Programs

All of these skills afforded Radiance the ability to inspire her team towards her first improved outcome that secured her organization $3M. Her team was 1 of 7 hospitals nationwide that met the goal.​ As a Manager with oversight of three facilities, her team has consecutively rated her above 97% as an effective leader. As a result, she has been spotlighted as the top 3% of Employee Engagement within an organization of 24,000+ employees.  


When Radiance conceptualized Simply Radiant Solutions, she wanted to provide resources that motivate clients to achieve some of the same proven results. #Let'sGrowTogether


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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