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Professional Career Consulting Atlanta

If you keep hitting a brick wall in your career, professional career consulting could be the resource you need to take your career to the next level.

Take a chance and invest in yourself.

Professional Career Consulting atlanta

Personal Branding and Grooming

Personal branding and grooming is all about helping you look and feel good about yourself, so you can put your best self forward in any professional setting.  We will help you tailor elements of your professional brand that will include clothing, body language, etiquette, physical appearance and style.


We will guide you on how to look and feel your best from head-to-toe!

  • Job Interviews

  • Networking Events

  • Happy Hour

  • Corporate Events

  • Public Speaking 

  • Black Tie Galas

  • Photo Shoots



Confidence can be learned and practiced. Many of us experience insecurity at work, even when we have a lot of value to add.  Low confidence can be natural when you’re new to a job or lack adequate experience in a situation. On the other hand, we often have fears of not being good enough when otherwise knowledgeable, competent, and well-qualified.

During our coaching session, we will work on: 

  • Speaking skills

  • Hand Gestures

  • Eye Contact

  • Posture

  • Audience rapport 

The main focus is to help the client determine how they add value in a way that no one else can and how to authentically communicate it to your audience.



The way we look, communicate and behave influences the first impression we make. Your verbal and non-verbal communication need to be fully aligned with your professional career image or brand. Learning how to effectively interview, negotiate, or “sell” an idea is all part of effective communication. Whether in the boardroom, conference room, or one-on-one; with clear communication you will always have a better chance of getting people on your side.


Professional Development

Image consulting and personal branding assists in developing your persona. Helping people to develop their personality both physically and mentally will aid them to confidently create best first impressions. We will assess those qualities that are authentic and unique to you, that represent your skills, morals and purpose and show you how to communicate them to any audience. 

Let's Work Together on your Professional Career! 

Our consultation is a chance for clients to discuss some of their key opportunities and develop a plan that will suit their needs. See more details about each service listed below and schedule your free consultation.

Request a Free 15-minute Career Consultation

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